December 10, 2023

Best DeFi Projects To Buy In Q4: Oryen, Aave, Maker And Curve

If your portfolio hasn’t been doing too well as of late, don’t worry- you’re not the only one. With all the recent market drama, it’s no surprise that many people have lost confidence in cryptocurrency. However, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean crypto is dead. The market will recover eventually, and when it does prices are bound to skyrocket just like they did during the last bull run.

Although there has been recent market turmoil, it is still possible to make money. Some crypto projects have potential and managed to do well despite the bad economy. For example, Oryen Network which made great gains for early investors. It is still early on with ORY, meaning that there are more opportunities for gains in the next few weeks or months. Additionally, it sits alongside Aave as one of the best crypto investments for this year’s fourth quarter. The reason being:

Oryen Network (ORY) continues to enjoy pre-sale success

With the best passive income earning potential the crypto world has ever seen, ORY has already made gains for early investors throughout its pre-sale journey. These investors will enjoy an astounding 90% APY that’s paid out straight into their wallet without any staking necessary once ORY officially launches. And before that launch, they will continue to enjoy fixed price increases as ORY enters each new phase of its presale:

  • ORY P6: $0.175 (5% bonus) 02/12-09/12
  • ORY P7: $0.21 (5% bonus) 09/12-16/12
  • ORY P8: $0.25 (5% bonus) 16/12-23/12
  • ORY P9: $0.3 (0% bonus) 23/12-27/12

Before prices go up at the next pre-sale phase, take advantage of early bonuses and secure your chance for high returns.

Aave investors confident in future success

Aave’s prices have slumped recently, like many other cryptocurrencies. But fans of this open-source protocol for liquidity think it will rebound soon, making it a good investment for the fourth quarter of the year. However, some other investors in Aave believe ORY is a stronger bet and are moving their investments there instead.

Maker (MKR) is continuing to set the standard for community-driven projects.

With full community engagement and DAO votes on every major decision, Maker is one of the leading democratic projects in the crypto industry. While prices have remained low compared to all-time highs from last year, the project’s loyal community of investors still have faith in Maker’s future and believe it will surge in price over the next few months.

Curve Finance (CRV)

CRV is a widely used Automated Market Maker (AMM) that lets users rapidly trade numerous tokens with low fees and high speeds. Even though prices have decreased recently, CRV could still be a praiseworthy pick for the last three months of the year—though ORY might be a stronger choice.

CRV, MKR, and AAVE are all great options for Q4. But the best option is ORY: it’s already gaining traction while still in pre-sale and gives early investors the unique opportunity to enjoy gains from the ground up. Time’s running out to snap up current pre-sale prices and bonuses, so don’t miss your chance.